Saturday, October 31, 2015

Garth Brooks Comments on Stillwater

Garth Brooks walked the red carpet at the Country Music Hall of Fame inductions on Sunday (10/25) in Nashville and was asked about the recent tragedy in his home town of Stillwater, Oklahoma where a driver ran into a crowd of parade goers at the Oklahoma State University homecoming.

An emotional Brooks talked about the tragedy that happened so close to home:
 "The class that Oklahoma State showed makes me very proud to say that I'm an Oklahoma State alumnus, I am. The class that the University of Oklahoma showed down south where they flew the OSU brand in their homes as respect to the victims' families all our love I can't imagine being there. To the driver's families all my love I can't imagine living with that the rest of your life on either end, the victim or the driver. So, just pray for tolerance, forgiveness, love to somehow put it to peace but that can only be through God so all we can do is pray for them."