Sunday, February 7, 2016

Garth Brooks Birthday Thoughts

GARTH BROOKS: The Birthday Boy Celebrates…and Reflects

While most of the nation is gearing up to enjoy the Super Bowl today (Sunday), Garth Brooks is doing more than preparing to catch the game – he’s also celebrating his birthday! Garth’s celebration involves “having lots of people over” to watch the Big Game and to celebrate his day…a gathering that’ll include a homemade German chocolate cake with chocolate frosting – his favorite – made by wife Trisha Yearwood.
The occasion is giving Garth reason to reflect and look forward as the calendar turns a page. “I feel very lucky, very fortunate,” he says, noting that he can’t help but feel blessed by the family he’s raised and by the opportunity his current World Tour is giving him to reconnect with fans. And he appreciates it all more than ever. “I didn’t feel like I was ungrateful in the ’90s…but there’s a level of gratefulness now, I guess, this late in your career and your life that…that you feel extremely fortunate.”
Garth will follow his Sunday “Super Bowl Birthday” celebration with a return to the road this Friday in South Carolina at the North Charleston Coliseum, where his World Tour With Trisha Yearwood plays three shows through Sunday.