Friday, September 8, 2017

Toby Keith Album Out Now

Toby Keith Pulls In With The Bus Songs Today, September 8

Seven New Tracks On 12-Track Collection

Features New songs "Wacky Tobaccy" and "Shitty Golfer"
As well as iTunes/Apple Music's Hot Track 
"Runnin' Block" And "Call A Marine" 

Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter in New York to Celebrate
Release Day With The View, Fox & Friends, FOX411, and SiriusXM

Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2015 and chosen to receive the Poet's Award from the Academy of Country Music, Toby Keith has penned some of the most iconic music of his era. Sometimes, however, his compositions aren't written with airplay in mind. They're written too late at night. Maybe in the back of his bus with a glass of Wild Shot mezcal nearby. Today, September 8, Toby is cracking the door and letting music fans aboard with the release of The Bus Songs.
Twelve tracks of pure, road-worthy fun, The Bus Songs is available now. Order online at
Listen on Spotify at

Whether it's adult situational humor, a bit of over-imbibing or seriously funny self-deprecation, Keith lets it all hang out on The Bus SongsNew songs include the just released track "Wacky Tobaccy," for which the video was shot, appropriately, on a tour bus. Already viral with more than 9 million views, the clip also features the namesake of another of the album's tracks, "Weed With Willie." The album's other new composition is "Shitty Golfer," a title which pretty much speaks for itself. Never before released recordings include new versions of "Runnin' Block," "Ballad Of Balad," "Hell No" and "The Critic." A live version of the aforementioned "Weed With Willie" has also never been previously released.
Toby Keith - The Bus Songs

Stream here:
Track listing:
  1. Shitty Golfer
  2. Wacky Tobaccy
  3. Runnin' Block *
  4. Brand New Bow
  5. Call A Marine
  6. Hell No *
  7. The Critic *
  8. The Size I Wear
  9. Ballad of Balad *
  10. Rum Is The Reason
  11. Weed With Willie (Live) *
  12. Get Out Of My Car (Live)
               *newly recorded versions

To celebrate the release today, Keith will do appearances on Fox & Friends and ABC's The View as well as a stop overs at FOX411 Country and SiriusXM for a few interviews.