Friday, September 1, 2017

Eric Church Live Album

Selections from Every Holdin’ My Own 2017 Tour Stop Will Be Released Beginning Today Through the End of the Year Exclusively to Apple Music
Double Disk Collectible Box Set and Vinyl Slated for Release Record Store Day 2018
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Sixty-one tour dates, an average of 37 songs per night, totaling over 200 hours of live music. That’s what Eric Church ultimately played in a five-month period spanning January 13 through May 27, 2017. In an issue takeover, Church hinted something big was to come post-tour telling Billboard, “We recorded all of it. We had some [songs] that I was adamant that I wouldn’t rehearse with the band. I would tell the band a couple hours before the show, ‘This is the song we’re going to do,’ and then I wouldn’t see them until we did it, when we played live…’” says the man Stereogum calls “our greatest working rock star.” Now, those recordings are being released across 61 Days in Church. Beginning today fans will have access to 30 initial live recordings from various stops across North America. Then, subsequent releases through the end of the year – including some catalogue and cover songs as well as songs inspired by events that happened while he was on the road – released chronologically to complete the list. The tracks will initially be released only on the Apple Music platform for a two-week period before being made available on all streaming services. 
"I had so much fun learning songs that were unique to whatever city we found ourselves in,” Church reflects. “I learned a lot about each place, and it was special to see the crowd react to the songs that were only for them.  I'm glad we recorded it and can relive it forever.”
With the unique, individual tour posters from each tour stop serving as the artwork for each week’s release, 61 Days in Church drops just as fans can see a different show from Church as he takes the stage in Tahoe this Labor Day weekend for two sold-out nights at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena.
Church’s Holdin’ My Own Tour sold 930,000 tickets at the end of its run notching his as the top music tour in the first quarter of 2017 (Pollstar), but as Dave Brooks (Billboard Magazine) noted, “Fans will remember that tour by another metric: the marathon three-and- a-half hours Church played nightly as he crisscrossed the United States and Canada.”
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